Something that makes white people appear less racist.
People know I'm not a racist when Tyree is next to me! He's my black friend.
by agwellin February 13, 2008
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A man that is black, has a vagina, and is also Jesus.
Jake Hambrick is Black Friend
by ScottCFR October 7, 2011
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Some non black people think having lots of black friends proves they are not racist. Wouldn't the quality of the bond you have with one person black, brown, or anything else be more of a determining factor for whether you became friends with somebody than having a large quantity of black friends just so that you can take pictures to show with them all and prove that they were close friends even though your group of friends changes every few years and you hardly remember the people you said were friends a few years ago now? Not liking someone (based on who they are and not their complexion) is a negative but valid/legitimate way to feel about somebody, yet somebody that collects a lot of friends they don't even hold sacred would deny and defer any negative feelings and image to somebody else to make themselves look good or respectable, claiming that they like all black and brown people they ever met without a thought about it. Not all black and brown people like every white person they meet, why would every white person like every black or brown person they meet? Because someone told them they couldn't dislike somebody or it was discrimination nowadays?
Having many and varied black friends doesn't really prove anything about a person, besides possibly that you're someone that pretends to be friends with a lot of people you don't really care about (like a president) and that you play many sides that all think you are their friend.
by The Original Agahnim October 12, 2021
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a black friend is a caring, loving, homie. But also a badass. Will always take a bullet for you.
person 1: "I've got a black friend!"
person 2: "they must have your back always ha ha"
by spome October 27, 2017
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In reference to the only african american in a group of friends.
similar phrases
token white friend
token asian friend get the point
(Brad) Hi Stephani
(Stephani) Hello Brad whose this?
(Brad) oh Im sorry this is my buddy DeShawn
(Deshawn) Whatsup girl!

....DeShawn is the token black friend

by Asian chick, August 1, 2007
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The black person in a group of majority white people. The purpose of the Honorary Black friend is to demonstrate "diversity" in a group. They are also good for insight on black culture.
I didn't know what a weave was so I asked Ebony, she's my Honorary Black Friend.
by Alexandra Griffin July 8, 2016
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When a non-black person justifies their racism or insensitivity by claiming they have a black friend in order to prove they aren't racist.
Note: Black Friend is not a valid counterargument to accusations, thus, fallacy.
White dude: Hey, what's up my n***a?
Person: Dude, you're white, you can't say that!
White dude: No it's fine, my black friends say it's okay!!
Person: Bruh, you're using the black friend fallacy
by geckolord April 17, 2020
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