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The Bitch Stick is a car with an Automatic Transmission with the capabilities of shifting without a clutch.

i.e. - Tiptronic, Touchshift, Steptronic, Geartronic
Arturo: My new ride has both a manual and automatic transmission.

Jose: Man, quit being a pussy and learn to drive with a clutch. You ain't got nothing but a bitch stick in that ride.
by EscaVi from SD March 31, 2009
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Automatic transmission, doesn't have the manliness of a direct engine-transmission linkage like a manual. Easier to use than a manual, good for lazy people, not as capable (performancewise) as a manual-transmission car. Not to be confused with Bitch Stick, a device used to beat women.
"Man I got bitchslapped by a bitch-stick!"

"Dude take your car and burn it, now."
by Crunkonius November 10, 2005
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A fancy, long cigarette holder. Used mostly by high class and powerful women to give an air of bitchyness, and to prevent the smearing of lipstuffs.
She's so worried about smearing her lipstick when smoking, that she will only use a bitch stick.

Your best bet as a Domme, when smoking, is to always use a bitch stick. That way, if anyone gives you any guff, you can poke them in the eye with a lit thing on the end of a long stick.
by Lady Paine November 15, 2006
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A 120mm long cigarette, such as Virginia Slims or Capri. Designed mainly for women.
Michelle: Hey, I need a smoke, can I get one?
Mary: I've got Marlboro Lights.
Michelle: What the hell, you're a chick, smoke bitch sticks like you should.
by Xathian May 28, 2009
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Similar to fish sticks, but instead of whitefish or cod, they

contain diced bitch. The primary consumers of bitch sticks

are cannibals and people who do not read packaging

carefully. Also, chronic pcp users are known to eat this fried

and breaded food.
Man 1: Yo man I owned that ho last night.

Man 2: Did you fuck her good?

Man 1: Damn straight, then I shot her and made bitch sticks.

Man 2: Sounds Delicous! Got any leftovers?
by hockey2267 August 14, 2009
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