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Bacardi Breezers??! I'm not drinking that disgusting bitch piss.
by Bob March 04, 2003
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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A fruity flavoured alcoholic beverage consumed by women and females.
"all jon drinks is bitch piss and archers-lemonade! wot a woman!"
by Jack May 25, 2003
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A bitch piss is when you have the urgent sensation to urinate and when you finally do, only a small amount of urine is released.
Dude I was in an important meeting that I could not leave, when it was over I rushed to the restroom and only took a bitch piss.
by XepicnoobX December 08, 2016
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Alcopops, or pre mixed drinks.

So called due to the fact that its only usually women or part time drinkers that partake.
"Damn, i couldnt beleive that Dave was on the bitchpiss all night"
by caffeinefreek September 15, 2005
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The act of urinating while sitting down. Usually done to avoid spraying piss outside of the toilet bowl.
David, you'd better fucking bitchpiss in there. Last time I had to spend ten minutes wiping urine off of my floor.
by Gleasonator June 24, 2011
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a tasty tasting beverage for your own pet doggy,also a term for weak lager
Kimmy,will you stop polishing all that bitch piss up off the beach and......that beers like bitch piss....Making love in a canoo,fOOkin close to water!..
by Anton von ton June 05, 2004
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