( Charkeeshuh ) Verb. 1. To Punch The Soul From Another Being's Body.
"She Sharkeisha 'd That Hoe !"
by A'lexus November 27, 2013
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One of the most ridiculous ghetto names in the history of mankind.

*known for beating up another young woman who also had a ridiculous name, but was far more attractive than her.
Person A: I want to name my baby Sharkeisha,

Person B: Why the fuck would you want that?

Person A: Because, Javonte, Dontarious, Quenchetta just don't fit.
by Ghetto name hunter January 1, 2014
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The unexpected removal of soul from body via a punch containing the
1. Street fighter equivalent of the shoryuken
2. Mortal kombat equivalent of a fatality
3. Wrath of the 3 Egyptian God Cards

Recipients of the 'Sharkeisha' may experience

1. Velma's 'Jinkies' syndrome
2. The need for extensive facial repair
3. Hallucinations of meeting a higher being, followed by utterances of glossolalia
My nigga got sharkeisha'd last night.
Hell nah I ain't jump in, I don't need to get any closer to God
by charleswest1 November 27, 2013
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A heavy set female with beady eyes who sneaks a falcon punch in a fight, when you aren't looking. Attacks when you aren't paying attention, much like a shark. Pretty in the face, but ugly in every other way. Auto-correct tends to pop up when you type it in, and offer Lakeisha as an alternative.
1. You dont wanna mess with her! Shes sly as a fox, she'll pull a "Sharkeisha" on you.

2. -*types in Sharkeisha*

-Auto Correct: Did you mean: Lakeisha?
by QueenHermoso November 27, 2013
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The act of super-sayian punching a person.
"Yo i finna sharkisha yo ass!"
"Press up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, B, A to unleash the Sharkeisha onto the enemy!"
by sharkeisha gurl November 27, 2013
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The next echelon of striking punches, followed by the popular Falcon Punch.

Sharkeisha Punch has a far sinister etiology, in that victims of the punch have their souls separated from their body.

Salvation never comes even after death, as their soul is forever bound in purgatory with other victims (Morris, D., Craddock, M. 1996. Journal of African American Mythology. 15:3, 442-498)
"Damn.... How that girl gonna get sharkeisha'd so close to Christmas..."

"The latest sharkeisha victim was pretty sexy, wonder if she will put out more now that her self esteem is literally below zero."
by Dr. Tyronetrius Washington MD December 1, 2013
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To punch the soul from another beings body
by camilurrs November 27, 2013
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