A massive consumption of alcohol, mostly beer, in one sitting. This usually leads totemporary memory loss, alcohol poisoning and regretful sex.
That slutty girl got her stomach pumped due to binge drinking!
by Rob Wasielewski September 14, 2006
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Formerly known as getting drunk/hammered/bladdered/legless etc etc. The media's precise reason for their re-branding of this age-old practice remains unclear.
Newspaper headline: Binge drinking on the increase in under 30s.
by cactuscat September 15, 2006
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drinking an excessive amount of alcohol all at once.
man, every one was binge drinking at the party last night!
by mel✌ April 14, 2015
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Continuous consumption of drinks in a short period of time suck as binge watching bojack horseman
He was binge drinking after his wife died
by Bradd Phillips March 25, 2020
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When any number of a group of guys go out to a frat to specifically try and hook up with as many girls as possible. The rules are a dumpster bitch counts as 1 point and a hot girl counts as 2. Knowingly hooking up with a girl that has hooked up with another member of the competition is 3 points. please visit the wikipedia page for a further and in depth description
Binge Drinking Bilge Off
Hey look, theres an ugly girl, if i hook up with her thats a point. sweet.
Hey look, theres a hot girl, thats two points.
by 13AW February 25, 2011
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