1. Usually used in a party setting, the dumpster bitch is the first person to pass out, or say they're going to bed prematurely. Usually they are the ones that end up getting drawn on and defaced after they have passed out drunk.
2. Someone who can't handle themselves while partying and has to bail because they got too sick, too sketched out, or generally just couldn't handle them self.
3. Something you never really want to be.
4. A phrase coined by my sister Leesa (so far as I know).
1. I can't believe you're just gonna pass out like that. It's only 10pm! What a dumpster bitch!
2. Look at that dumpster bitch Chris all passed out. Let's put some makeup on him.
3. Carla, you dumpster bitch! I can't believe you're leaving already. Things are just heating up!
4. Miguel, no matter how many drugs you do, or how late it is, no matter what you gotta do tomorrow, you're never the dumpster bitch, you crazy fucker!
by Lisdop August 7, 2007
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The name a man uses when refering to a woman who has a foul smelling pussy after he gives her oral sex. He usually never calls the woman again or he makes her shower before intercourse in order to wash away the clammy smell.
"Hey Anthony last night was great"
"Bitch don't come near me with that stank pussy you nasty ass clam dumpster bitch"
by patch05 October 15, 2008
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