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A little hole in Texas. Population 2300. A retirement town filled with wanna be LKs, Bloods, Cripts who end up with 4 baby mama's and at least one STD. The people who are not that end up working a dead end job at wal-mart. There is one mall but no shopping can be done, unless you need a new lawn mower, the only fun that can be found there is sex. The town drives off of the refinery and the drama. The refinery goes and the town will slowly die and become a ghost town.
Born in Big Spring and when I got out I never went back.
by SimpleJoys March 24, 2010
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The crappiest little town in west texas. Perfect if you're a meth head (of both the employed and non employed variety) or a coke dealer. The town is roughly 80% "bad neighborhood" territory and the houses show it. Your house and/or car is subject to get broken into at any given time. You also run a high risk of getting shot, raped, or killed in a car accident. Rent is insanely high for POS rat shack apartments. The general quality of life and amenities are beyond subpar. Basically this town is best avoided, along with nearby midland and odessa.
Person A - Bill moved to Big Spring!
Person B - Oh god, I guess it was nice knowing him.
by magical_nautilus May 08, 2015
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A crappy high school in Newville, PA. Everyone that goes there is a hick and problay wont go anywhere in life.
Girl 1- "Pete goes to Big Spring"
Girl 2- "Oh that explains why he's so dumb"
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