It's a commonly used way to refer to Radio Shack. Usually derisive in nature, and used by people with a high familiarity of either electronic components or audio equipment.
"Rat Shack? Good luck finding that capacitor there, it's all cellphones now!
by Eric Butler August 17, 2006
See: shacking
1. one with a rancid, putrid aura
2. the mating call of a proud virgin
3. what is said to indicate that shit is about to get litty
4. can be used interchangeably with "nigga"
1. Efraim you stinky shacking rat bastard.
2. Guy: Shacking raaaAAAAAAAaaaaaat!
Every girl within a 50 foot radius: *dripping noises*
4. What's up my shacking rats? Let's hit up this lick.
by leechu December 20, 2019
A slutty girl that goes from room to room in the shacks (military barracks).
Jim is screwing a shack rat in his room. I had her last tuesday.
by Paul McAllister April 22, 2004
A slutty girl that spends all her time in " the shacks" aka military housing, sleeping around with every single pongo.
Geez, those girls from that small town of Chapeau sure are shack rats. Seen 2 of them leaving the base this morning looking like they were rode hard and put away wet.
by Jake Parkbench March 12, 2011