A song by Dj Khaled and Cardi B that was released in 2021 on Khaled’s album, “KHALED KHALED”. In this song Cardi B presents immaculate bars and flow.
Person 1: Ayo did you hear that new Khaled song Big Paper?
Person 2: Yeah! Bardi slid
by Bickenwriter May 20, 2021
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One of the worst songs ever created. The song was released by DJ Khaled on his 2021 album 'KHALED KHALED' featuring the "artist" Barfi B (Cardi B). The song presents no bars and has had no impact whatsoever.
Did you see DJ Khaled and Cardi B released a song called BIG PAPER? It is one of the worst songs ever, I do not suggest listening since it is a form of self harm.
by lilnasxtanked May 19, 2021
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a person of considerable wealth or financial means. Rich. Affluent. Monied. Prosperous
The guy paid cash for his new Benz. He's a big paper daddy.
by Chico Jones December 11, 2009
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a loser who doesn't know he/she is a loser.
"Dana, you are such a big face paper guy."
by Lizzie K. November 16, 2007
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yo did you see Chris got that job at goldman? Yeah bro, he's gonna be making that big daddy paper! He's for sure to start pulling some dimes now.
by big stacks April 13, 2020
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