Cardi B’s Nickname.
Fans often say that they are part of the “Bardi Gang” because they are part of Cardi B’s Fan Club.
by Some Stranger Girl May 7, 2018
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Female rapper
Bodak Yellow Rapper who used to drug and rob men. She uses Payola and streaming bots to get high charting sales. She also fought Nicki Minaj at fashion week which started Nicki Minaj's Hate train which she gained a lot of clout off of.
Bardi Is so amazing at robbing and drugging men
by Drwxeams April 11, 2021
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how an East-Indian or Pakistani would pronounce the word "buddy".
"hey bardy, how much you vant for dat package of peppers?"
by Bardy August 19, 2006
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the smelly, unshaved hippies who attend bard college in upstate new york.
"ew, there's a whole bunch of bardies hanging out at the pool."

"i went to go get ice cream at holy cow and there was a bardy behind me in line."
by cari.h November 15, 2011
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That kid at school that seems friendly but ends up and asshole when you really get to meet him. When around teachers he is nice and caring but when he's playing Xbox with his friends, he ends up being a complete bot.
That kid is such a BARDY
by Destinyplayer42 February 27, 2019
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NICKI MINAJ’S SECOND FAN BASE. stan a flop who can’t write her own raps, tried fighting THE queen of rap nicki minaj over an edited tweet.
did you hear about bardi gang?? yes nicki minaj s second fan base? yes.
by Nicki.queen.of.rap.wbk. December 20, 2020
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Jobless useless rats that think Cardi B is the empress and or queen of rap even though she couldn't freestyle on site to save her life. They stan a mad latina that robbed and raped men, shoves wine bottles up her vagina, and constantly argues with the beautiful and intelligent barbz. Cardi has also made many homophobic remarks and repeatedly says the n word even though her parents are latino. Her and her fan bases obsession with Nicki Minaj is not okay and they should all check into a rehabilitation center immediately!
I've never seen Bardi Gang drop a bar from their fav.
by Nicki The Boss May 9, 2021
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