An idiot who just shouts his name over other people's music and makes all the money off it and dances like a douchebag in all the music videos
" DJ Khaled just made a new song"
"No he didnt he just said "WE DA BEST !!" over there song"
by asdaesentials August 25, 2017
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nigga stfu you annoying
by Bih536424 November 7, 2017
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Someone who always seems to be around but never actually does anything. A DJ Khaled will always be there to use you for his own needs, but when it comes time for him to help you out he is nowhere to be found. You'll know if you're hanging around a DJ Khaled, because he'll start saying things like "we the best" and "we takin' over" all while he really isn't the best at anything. DJ Khaled's often have no real skill, but instead profit off of others and "advise."
1. Tom: Isn't it funny how John is always tagging along with our group, sitting in our study sessions and eating, but he never actually does any work? He's always with us, asking for money, putting his name on all our group assignments, eating our food, but if there's a problem he'd be the last one to help out or offer up any solutions.
Bill: Yeah I know, John is a DJ Khaled.

Brad: Alright, now Sean, you write the song. Bill, you make the beat. Jim, you go get me some coffee. Josh, you shoot a video. Brian, you get Drake on the hook.
Sean: while we're doing all of this, what will you be doing Brad?
Brad: Oh, I'll be advising, making sure everything goes smooth and turns out right in the end. I need to make sure that we have the best possible product that we possibly can. See, I pride myself in being amazing, because we the best! I have the keys to success, and I have the best team who is going to take over all the ghettos around the world! You so smawt, you so loyal! Don't ever go against the hand that feeds you!
Josh: Brad, shut up you DJ Khaled! You just want to use us for your own personal gain without actually doing anything! Why should we be loyal to you? So you can make money off of us without actually having to do anything yourself? I don't think so!
by Icy Wyte January 7, 2018
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The goofiest motherfucker ever and is the biggest disgrace to the Palestinian community. Therefore we are passing him off to the israelis
DJ Khaled is my favorite palestinian celeb! bro stfu we don't claim him.
by khara in my teez September 6, 2022
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A fat bozo that sits down, sipping champagne he bought with the money made by other people's songs he featured in while taking all the credit.


Someone who says they will be there when you need them but cannot be found when you are in a sticky situation.
Guy 1: Yo man, can you please help me study for the really hard test tomorrow.
Guy 2: Sure man, but I don't have time today but I can help you tomorrow morning before school. I'll be there for you.
Guy 1: Thanks man.
Guy 1: Now here you are! Man, you DJ Khaled me so hard, thanks to you I got an F-!

Guy 2:
by LivingHell1! May 8, 2020
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Likely the biggest goofball in Hip Hop today. The secret to his success lies in his hilariously dumb catchphrases and his decisions to shout them over some good songs.
DJ Khaled in top form:

WE DA BEST!!!! WHO??? WE!!!!!
by ABatte August 23, 2007
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