The name of a wonderful person who makes everyone's day. Even though sometimes he makes mistakes, you just have to forgive him because he is amazing. This person has a big heart. The meaning of this name is immortal or eternal. Which is the way love is with this person. He has the perfect smile and is beautiful. Beautiful not meaning physical beauty, although he is beautiful, but in this case meaning on the inside. He knows how to love and he knows how to make everyone smile.

If you know a Khaled than you are lucky because u have someone in your life that can truly love. He makes you feel like you are floating and when you look at him, even if you are angry, you can't help it and start smiling like an idiot. He is sensitive as well so be careful, and if you know a Khaled and haven't talked to him yet then what are you waiting for? You are missing out.
Person 1: "Yoh dude, who is that kid who has that perfect smile?"
Person 2: "How could you not know him? Thats Khaled!"

Person 1: Why are you smiling so big? You look like u just saw a Khaled.
by nonna123 December 18, 2013
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Realist nigga you will ever know. Sexy af, intelligent and have large manly parts. Not easily pleased, so you'll have to try real hard to tame one. Loves a variety of girls, so don't lose confidence just yet. Any guy with the name Khaleed is a real OG.
Girl: Damn, I want me a Khaleed and I want one now!
by Chicken and Ice cream November 23, 2017
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arabic word meaning "immortal" also might be written as khalid
ragel khaled....meaning immortal man
by khaled ahmed March 16, 2007
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Just the most amazing person on earth. Now some people might not enjoy the name, might think that his name is to middle eastern, but they know deep down inside, that he's the better man. He's cool, he's hilarios actually. People love being around him and hes very sociable. He's also very handsome...and you know it ;)
Guy: Britney, i love you, i want to marry you! You're almost as cool as my friend Khaled!
by I choose U June 28, 2011
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Khale is the kind of guy who always has your back and is never wrong about your relationships. He cares for girls that start with the letter S for some odd reason. He is sweet and kind and loves all his friends with all his heart. Usually has blueish eyes and is nicknamed lettuce
“Khale is an awful driver, but love him anyway”
by A. Pronto44! December 5, 2018
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Khalee,means a funny,cool dude. Someone that has your back at any time. Someone that will love u and take care of you. Khalee means someone rely on to be there for you at any time. Somebody that can keep it 100. A person that never gives up. And a learner and fighter.
"look there is Khalee","He's cool bro".
by Khalee phipps March 27, 2018
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Khaled is a person who is Crazy, he's happy at one moment and freaks out at any. Can Be Dangerous if feelings are played around with.Khaled
"Oh,care full dear don't touch that khaled"
" but look at it smiling, Mom"
by Fagotosh May 12, 2009
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