Bigears is a nickname similar to pineapple. bigers is used to describe my bf who dosent know hes my bf yet. Bigears is an amazing nickname you can use to call someone who has bigger ears. The term bigears is not offensive in any way as it is more of a complement than it is as an insult
-OMG! Big ears is at school today!

-big ears looks so cute today

-why is big ears talking to Nadia….. shes ugly
- big ears more like big bunda!!!
by Semendemon6969 December 6, 2022
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One is said to have his or her "big ears on" when under the influence of marijuana and listening to music. Reverb, echo, and small repetitive sounds are extremely accentuated thereby making one feel as if they had super sensitive hearing or. . . big ass ears.
Man I've heard this song a billion times, but it sounds awesome right now. I guess it's because I have my big ears on. wink
by Halbey May 12, 2009
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any person with unusually big ears.
Prince Charles has big ears.
by Stuart Griffiths December 6, 2006
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I child at oakwood, who name is Andrew Gindy, parents Don and Donna, who can use his ears to fly.
Ol' Big-ears is acting up again, you better shoot 'im
by Dirty-south November 29, 2004
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a fukhead with elephant ears
by Matt October 15, 2003
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P1: you've got some big ears!
P2: gee...thanks...
P1: you know what? i'm gonna call you big ear from now on!
P2: BITCH!!! *slaps P1*
by NoShame November 14, 2007
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big ears and a little willy wat they say is not true km
by kjm June 24, 2003
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