What soldiers say to Pyros before critrawketing them into oblivion.
Pyro: Mffmfmffmmmfhfhgm ffmffm!
Soldier: Ur a maget
Soldier critrawkets both to death
by MAGET March 19, 2008
Originating from a Team Fortress 2 comic, the act of aiming a lethal explosive projectile weapon such as a rocket launcher at a point-blank range in order to instantly kill both the player and a nearby enemy player in the blast radius as either a last-ditch attempt or for hilarity. This is sometimes preceded by the player who is about to fire the weapon shouting "MAGETS" over a VOIP. (Pronounced mag-its)
Guy 1: "I was out of ammo so I switched to my RPG and blew us both up."
Guy 2: "Nice mageting."

Dude 1: "MAGETS!"
Dude 2: "What?"
(Dude 1 killed Dude 2 with Rockets)
(Dude 1 killed himself with Rockets)
Dude 2: "Man, mageting ain't cool!"
by Romolond May 26, 2011
Being extremely intoxicated or drunk
Common term used all over Australia
Man what happened last night i was sooo maget!

by Golawski August 24, 2008
The worst thing you can call some someone. The lowest for of life there is. I maget that lives in some one's ass and eats the shit out of it.

To call someone an ass maget is to totally disrespect them and have utter contempt for them.
He's such an ass maget.
by Judge dredd7 May 1, 2011