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One is said to have his or her "big ears on" when under the influence of marijuana and listening to music. Reverb, echo, and small repetitive sounds are extremely accentuated thereby making one feel as if they had super sensitive hearing or. . . big ass ears.
Man I've heard this song a billion times, but it sounds awesome right now. I guess it's because I have my big ears on. wink
by Halbey May 11, 2009

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Just another funny metaphor for the act of procreation. This is original though, as of this writing "clap hamster" returns no results in google. You saw it here first people.
Hey where's Bill? Oh he's probably clapping hamsters with the wife.
by Halbey June 07, 2010

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Derivative of the Italian word for cheese "formaggio." Forgotggio describes the inability of any Subway sandwich artist (SA) to remember which type of cheese you desire for even two seconds after you tell them, thus necessitating them asking you again, or at minimum confirming before placing it on your 12" chicken and bacon ranch or whatever.

Made even more annoying by the fact that they can remember over a half dozen vegetable requests with no difficulty.
Me: Hi, I'll have a 6 inch tuna on wheat please.
SA: What type of cheese with that?
Me: Pepper Jack please.
SA: Toasted?
Me: No thanks, man, its a tuna sandwich.
SA: Okay. . . what type of cheese again?
Me: PEPPER JACK! Looks like you have a case of forgotggio.
SA: Yeah, I guess. Do you want lettuce, tomato, onion, pepperoncini, jalapenos, green peppers, oil and vinegar, and salt, like last Thursday?

Me: Yep! (shaking head in disapproval)
by Halbey February 14, 2009

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A girl who is hot where it matters. i.e. between the KNees and tITs.
She isn't the cutest, but she's super knit!
by halbey January 30, 2009

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