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P1: you've got some big ears!
P2: gee...thanks...
P1: you know what? i'm gonna call you big ear from now on!
P2: BITCH!!! *slaps P1*
by NoShame November 14, 2007
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When you get so excited you cum in the palm of your own hand and slap someone in the mouth with it.
(Two Guys at a club)

Guy 1: "Man look at this girl, her ass is so fine I really need to talk to her".
Guy2: "Why don't you show her how much you really think she's hot? Go give her a "Jazzy Jizz hand whore slap"
Guy1: "Yes yes that is brilliant! a great opening like that can't go wrong. Where is the closest bathroom in case I make a mess?"
by NoShame August 29, 2014
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