As well as being the best game ever made it is the game that brings us the new "All your base are belong to us". By bringing you You're Winner or to the hardcore fans You're Winner!
by Matthew January 21, 2004
Big Rigs is what is usually called the worst game in the world, it was mostly battered and hated for its crappy graphics, boring gameplay, lack of story, bugs and crashy levels. Big Rigs was mostly known for its misspelling of You Win/ You are the Winner: You're Winner and unbelievably lazy design. In the game you can play as a truck and drive around racing a truck that doesn't move whatsoever, go off the map without doing things like Portal Bumps and rapid jumping into corners, go faster than the flash by reversing backwards and even go under bridges. The game was ultimately pulled from stores for being the definition of a bad game but the developers of it still tried to improve the game ( In the latest version of the game the truck you are racing against actually moves and when you win it says YOU WIN instead of YOU'RE WINNER, However despite the second truck moving you still win even if the second truck crosses the finish line). If you ever need to disappoint your car enthusiast son on his birthday, Big Rigs is the way to go.
Guy 1: I've been looking for games worse then E.T to review on my channel, is there a game that is like a combination of E.T and Sonic The Hedgehog 2006?
Guy 2: You must be a masochist or something, try Big Rigs.

Guy 1: How comes Guy 3 hates video game's so much? I brought in my copy of Super Mario 3D World and he just started yelling and even broke the disc. Does he like being a dick or something?
Guy 2: His dad bought him Big Rigs when he was a child for Christmas because he wasn't allowed Grand Theft Auto Liberty City. Don't be hard on him
by Truthbringer42069 March 28, 2015
Joe: Hey Dave, have you played Big Rigs?
Dave: Yeah, and it sucked.
by ChuckChuckGoof July 10, 2019
Do you have a driver's license? Have you ever driven a big rig?
by VAKI5 May 9, 2005
A Big Rig is defined as a man (normally rugby player), who is over 6ft in height and over 100kgs in weight. These said men enjoying parading themselves in magenta and engage in practices such as dwarf tossing and haberdashery.
Did you see how that Big Rig tossed that dwarf across the train?
Yeah not as far as the other, who threw a dwarf into the bar

Did you see how much those Big Rig's ate for dinner?
Yeah 10 fajitas each....what heroes
by Twitcher1986 March 27, 2012
A heavy set large male, often regarded as someone who cracks skulls and breaks hearts. Often Big Rig are seen operating in groups. The chant 'Big Rigs! Big Rigs!' is often a rallying call for all Big Rigs in the area to converge. Big Rigs can also be defined into categories according to weight, dietary specifications and virility (e.g. Biggus Riggus, Riggus Mayor and Riggus Maximus).
Example 1:
Scene: Two girls have brought two Big Rigs back to their hotel after a night out.

Girl 1: Who took that awful smelling shit in our loo?!

Big Rigs: (looking at each other and then chanting) BIG RIGS! BIG RIGS! BIG RIGS!

Example 2:
Scene: Big Rig in bed with a girl spontaneously gets out of bed and wants to wake up his conquest.

Big Rig: (whilst flapping his penis vigorously) BIG RIGS! BIG RIGS! BIG RIGS!
by We still believe August 8, 2012
A Fat Girl that seems like a good idea to hook up with when you are drunk, but tomorrow you realize you have made a horrible mistake. Sadly, your friends will remind you of your night spent with Big Rig for the rest of your life.
1. Wow dude look at Nick he's mackin' on a big rig.
2. Woah, we should stop him
1. NO WAY its too funny!
2. Good point.
by anoonnymousss September 24, 2007