A massive fart released from the anus that may cause nauseousness.
Chad ripped a Big One in Kiersten's face while she was giving him his morning blow!
by SlopNChop November 26, 2016
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A devastating Earthquake that strikes the San Andreas fault line about every 100 years, last happening hitting in The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. Most commonly used in reference to a predicted future earthquake.
I think we should invest in some sturdier infrastructure here. I mean, what about when the Big One hits?
by 54229 265546437 April 21, 2018
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An extremely large bomb, often nuclear.
During the Cold War the United States was afraid that the Soviets would drop the big one.
by blenheimears April 14, 2009
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"The Big One" is used to describe a big person in a small place that is accused of everything . Commonly associated with Avichay as a "Big One". Originally: "Shiur Anglit"
The big one constantly knocks into people with his immense size.

"Hey you, the big one. "
by Cool Bamb May 20, 2016
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Something big and typical. (Aka gun, score or anything you could describe)
Lester : "The big one!"
Michael : "The big one!"
Trevor : "The big one!"

Franklin : "What the fuck is the big one?"
by Sosku10 August 21, 2020
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