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In Speedrun Meaning, that means minute.
by Sosku10 February 20, 2022
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The last game in the series, and the most making sense one, it now features a plot, choices, and multiple endings.
Also underrated.
Hello everyone, we are back at playing Slendytubbies 3.
by Sosku10 August 9, 2021
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A life ruining gaming experience, where you lose your party members, via permadeath, or due to your decisions, and maybe more don't wanna spoil it.
Person A : Aw hell, i'm being forced to russian roulette for my party members lives! I wonder what could go wron-
Party member gets perma-killed.
Person B : Well that's Lisa The Painful : RPG for you.
by Sosku10 August 7, 2021
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A game where you roam around a big mansion looking for keys to get another key for another door and another one-, and if you picked Chris Redfield as your starting character, you are fucked, short ammo supplies, stun comboed by enemies, have fun. (And i'm talking about the old one)
I just beated the Resident Evil 1.
Was it fun?
It was tough, but i'm up for another one! Let's go play Resident Evil 2.
by Sosku10 August 7, 2021
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