Big Nasty is a badass motherfucker who spits game at every female and whips out his piece at any given moment . A Big Nasty can sometime be mistaken for a Big Chocolate Nasty in which The Big Nasty can Transform Into .
Guy 1 - Damn I wish I could spit game
Guy 2 - You my man need to meet The Big Nasty
by BadAss M'Fucker October 14, 2012
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Any large person who refuses to engage in daily personal hygiene, often smelling of rancid garbage and/or rotten cheeseburgers with onions on a hot day. Also the same person who refuses to courtesy flush who may have had a gastro sleeve whose stool is unbearable to the point of choking and/or vomiting.
Oh oh, get the spray comes Big Nasty!
by Unc Vinny September 27, 2019
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A large woman who doesn't bathe, has a uniroll, and has a yeast infection from the crack of her ass up through her vigina following upward to and around her uniroll. That is the big nasty.
I don't think anyone would want an example.
by Thomas November 03, 2003
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The actual act of sexual intercourse, man-to-woman; woman-to-man. When I was young (many eons ago) they had the 'base' system:

1st base: kissing and maybe some 'under the sweater' action
2nd base: french kissing and fondling
3rd base: naked bodies rubbing together, but NO penetration
4th base or home run: sexual intercourse

It got stupid to say 4th base and saying home run during baseball season could be confusing. So the act bacame The Big Nasty.
Susie: Did Johnnie feel you up last night, Nancy?
Nancy: No Suze, we went all the way. Enjoyed The Big Nasty, donchaknow.
by Shmouse May 23, 2005
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Any mixture of various foul alcoholic beverages and/or liquors which is more revolting than the sum of the individual components.
After losing the bet, I had to chug a Big Nasty.
by glenn hayes September 30, 2003
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having intense and loud sexual intercourse.. getting sweaty and just down right flithy...
The hubby and I just got done doing the Big Nasty.... :D
by blls April 20, 2011
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Anal-oral contact, also referred to as anal-oral sex, rimming, or anilingus (from anus and lingua), is a form of oral sex involving contact between the anus or perineum of one person and the mouth of another. AKA - The defined art of butthole pleasures.
Angie: "That corn was really good."
The Big Nasty: "Boy, I would suck a fart out of her ass."
by The Big Nasty / L-Money April 12, 2009
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