A big white male with great skills in the art of women. The big guy in a group. The first one to throw down in a fight. The right hand man of a generella.
he beat his ass proper and then took his girl home. He pulled a Big H.
by richie romance January 4, 2011
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You'll die from the Big H if you dig your grave with a fork & spoon.
by witchdoc May 29, 2013
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none other but that Houston, TX
dude1:Where ya chillin this weekend?

dude2: Big H, where else?
by southriller March 11, 2008
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When you are so "drunk" that you go to hook up with a girl and accidentaly finger her butt hole instead of her vagina.
dude, i pulled the big-H on that girl last night.
by token white guy54 January 7, 2011
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The act of defacating (or shitting) into another person's mouth, similar to a cleveland steamer or a korean landmine but named after the homeboy 'Big H' from Sutton
'Stay away from that wasteman, i heard he drops Big H Bombs'
by TwWtTwWt March 8, 2017
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