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Verb, to make up parts of the bible to prove a point.
Person 1: I don't like bacon
Person 2: but God said, "…and thou shalt eat bacon"
Person 1: I guess bacon is good
Person 2: I just bibled your ass.
by xderpt12 January 04, 2011
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verb. A practical application of a verse or verses from God's Word (The Bible) used in a scripturally correct manner in order to prove a point. Though the point may typically be comical in nature, the motivation should be driven by a desire for the hearer to be encouraged by God's Word (The Bible).
Person 1: I get lonely sometimes.
Person 2: "Two are better than one" - Ecclesiastes 4:9
Person 2: bibled!
by almondau February 10, 2011
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Being flashed or shown the Bible while driving, prevelent among the southern United States, i.e. in the south.
During a routinely small case of road rage during a trip to Charlotte, NC, a woman bibled our car.
by Sidney Jane January 13, 2008
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