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Yet another word for drunk, pissed, wasted, fucked etc. etc. you get the idea...
Hey, you getting bevved up blackford tongiht?
by [G i n a]* May 04, 2007
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when a girl or boy drinks too much alchohol and get drunk..... related to the word bevvy which means to get a aclchoholic beverage i.e if you drink too much bevvy you get bevvvvvved or you are now a bevhead

this was made up by me ;)
thets go out and get bevved!!!
by davidvball September 05, 2010
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Bevved is a term to describe the most intoxicated state you could be in. ever.
"Did you see shannon at liquid last night?! She was BEVVED."
by beessemb December 01, 2015
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