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Lowly rated football recuits that fran offers and then turns them to five star bluechips. This never happens, but is a wet dream of aggy.
Franchione + reacharound = reacharonie
I heard martellus bennett was a reacharonie.
by CorporationX May 2, 2005
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Term used to describe aggy and anyone related to a&m.
look at those poor gomers!
by CorporationX January 26, 2005
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Damn, he's a big DELiRiUM!
by CorporationX November 10, 2004
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Damn, nobody can come close to the 8 car at Daytona!
by CorporationX December 7, 2004
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- Frank Erwin Center, the basketball arena for the University of Texas longhorns. One of the largest in the nation and rivals some NBA facilities.
Damn, the horns sure do kick some ass at teh FEC!
by CorporationX May 2, 2005
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- Coach's Decision. Appears in box scores etc when a player doesnt play the minutes that he/she is used to playing or doesnt play at all.
LeBron didnt play too many minutes today. I heard it was a CD.
by CorporationX March 2, 2005
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