23 definitions by CorporationX

Lowly rated football recuits that fran offers and then turns them to five star bluechips. This never happens, but is a wet dream of aggy.
Franchione + reacharound = reacharonie
I heard martellus bennett was a reacharonie.
by CorporationX May 2, 2005
Term used to describe aggy and anyone related to a&m.
look at those poor gomers!
by CorporationX January 26, 2005
Damn, he's a big DELiRiUM!
by CorporationX November 10, 2004
Common mispronounciation of 'ballstix', a high performance line of ram made by Crucial / Micron.
My computer has some ball stix!
by CorporationX March 11, 2005
An emo dude who acts like a fgt at times.
by CorporationX December 5, 2004
When you rofl and own somebody at the same time.
omg roflownd! whatta fkn nublet
by CorporationX November 30, 2004