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A breed of people that resemble a cult. There are seven of them, and their last name is Bettis. Bettisi is what they are when they are all together. Since seven is the number of completion, anything weird or strange or crazy that they attempt to do on their own will not work without the power of the Seven. It will be viewed as simply weird or odd, and not Bettisi. Of course, people outside of the Seven normally think that anything the Bettisi do is weird or strange. Only a true Bettisi recognizes another Bettisi.
One of the Seven: I tried to talk with a British accent in public today, but then I realized I wasn't with the Seven and that's why I couldn't do it.
Another Bettisi: That's what you get! No worries, we'll have a seance later in the pool at three in the morning to make up for it. I'll bring candles!
by Bettisi1 May 02, 2011
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