a root beer soda with cherry flavoring
"After work, I relaxed on the porch with an ice-cold Wilford Brimley."
by ulovetoast December 5, 2011
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a jackass on horseback who cannot pronounce the word Diabetes correctly.
wilford brimley is on the damn TV again.. why is he riding a horse for an insulin commercial?
by OneBetter May 22, 2006
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To be performed during oral sex.
At the point of climax, the male being given fellatio removes his penis and ejaculates onto the upper lip of his partner, giving her a thick jizz mustache; much like that of Wilford Brimley.
Last night while receiving head from the hooker I solicited, I pulled out and gave that Ho a Wilford Brimley. Ironically enough she has Diabeetus.
by Big SHug November 8, 2007
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A sexual act where after ejaculating on your partner's face, you grab a handful of dry oats and throw them onto your partner's face - then yell, "Take THAT diabeetus!" Try to get as much of the oats to stick to their man-juice covered face as possible.
See definition of The Wilford Brimley.
by Silly illy willy billy July 13, 2011
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When a man goes down on a woman whilst she has a yeast infection the consistency of Quaker Oats.
A good Wilford Brimley always makes me hungry for funnel cake.
by Eric July 31, 2003
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to stuff a girl's vagina with piping hot quaker oats and then porky piggin' that shit.
me: "dude i had breakfast with your sister yesterday"

you: "yeah?"

me: "yeah, i gave her a wilford brimley."
by erik f. neumann December 27, 2007
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