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Arguably one of the greatest running-backs ever. Jerome ran for 13,662 yards in his NFL career, spending most of his time with the coveted Pittsburgh Steelers (arguably the greatest NFL franchise ever). Jerome is also a highly regarded bowler and also loves to eat his BBQ potato chips. He led the PIttsburgh Steelers to victory during his final season in Super Bowl XL
Guja: Jerome Bettis sucks.

Weaver: You're a handjob Guja, Tom "I'm a Litte Teapot" Brady sucks way more.
by SteelerJav May 24, 2006
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1. someone who sucks so much rim, that one is forced to refer to him/her as an ass factory (usually from Boston, MA).

2. a manufacturing facility which produces large quantities of ass.

i.e. a New England Patriots fan
Josh: Did you see that New England Patriots game last Sunday?

Weave: Why, as a matter of fact, I did Josh. Did you happen to notice Tom "I'm a little teapot" Brady giving rim-jobs on the sideline while the defense was on the field?

Josh: I most certainly did. Tom Brady is an ass factory.

Weave: Hahahahaha, he sure is Josh.
by SteelerJav May 25, 2006
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very similar to the normal Hitler, except instead of alluding a Hitler mustache of shit from one's ass... wipe two fingers of semen below the nose of the victim (referencing the grey haired mustache of an elderly Hitler).
Johnson was being a dickbag yesterday, so I gave him a Senior Citizens Hitler in his sleep. I realized what a fuckin' queer he was when I saw him licking his lips in the middle of the night. What a fuckhole.
by SteelerJav June 2, 2006
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