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A word that describes being cheated out or something. Can mean to cheat somebody or to be cheated. Can also mean to do very well in something.
Orginated from the term "betty" which basically means the same thing. Betty came from the movie Kung Pow.
1. That guy was being so bettis, he wouldn't pay me back my $10.

2. I bettised him up in basketball, i beat him 10 games to 1.
by Goteki May 02, 2004
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Derived from the infamous character of Kung Pao Bettie.

Most directly related to being deceived or deceiving someone.

Bettis takes any form, adjective, noun, or verb.
n. That bettis stole my cheese.

adj. Her bettis ass talked behind my back.

verb. I bettised him up so badly in basketball yesterday.

Statement. "Kid:Yo we got a test tommorow and the teacher just told us today.
You: Bettis"
by fut May 03, 2004
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Originated from Jerome Bettis of the Pittsburgh Steelers, because back in the day the Steelers would do all the hard work on a drive down to the 1 yard line and then put Jerome Bettis in to pound in a touchdown and then reap the reward afterwards when all he did was use his weight to jam in a yard! It was ridiculous. So a Bettis is a term used in the following ways:

1) Someone does all the dirty work and then you come in and finish it up to claim all the responsibility

2) You do all the dirty work and then someone else comes in and claims all of the responsibility.

This term was developed by my roommates and I while playing the game Halo 3. Someone would just abut kill someone and then someone else got the kill instead. Below are some examples of how this term is used.
1) Oh what the hell was that! You bettised me man! What a bettis!

2) Haha, I definitely Bettised you there man.

3) That was definitely a Jerome Bettis there!
by JackBauersAce December 07, 2007
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