Something you call someone when they're a STAR !
"He the man
Yes I am
Berths!" (Will Smith)
by Choleo March 10, 2022
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An entrance into the playoffs achieved by a sports team who normally possess a winning record.
1. Are sometimes wild
2. To be clinched
With one more win this season, the Cleveland Browns will clinch a playoff berth and have a shot at the Super Bowl.
by Greg Boose January 3, 2007
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Where something was first orginated.. or giving berth...
where does this store make berth?
by Spence August 25, 2004
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To avoid something / someone. Steer clear or shun. Originally nautical term.
I've been giving her a wide berth since Friday night.
by weeCALIgreenBum December 21, 2013
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a raging evil brown droppage
"and on the seventh day the lord let forth a flaming turd berth"
by Corey Blount March 30, 2003
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When a fat ass breaks his chair and blames it on his wife
So there we were camping and tim pulled the old berthing hips again
by Dolceglr32 October 19, 2019
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Berthe is such a nice person, she never fails to make people laugh. People my see her as shy but she IS NOT. She’s loud, hilarious, and very weird. She’s such a real friend and will always listen to your problems no matter how many time you’ve already talked about it. She’s so beautiful inside and out. There’s not a person that has met her that didn’t liked her. I wouldn’t suggest getting her mad tho.
by Kingcheese November 24, 2021
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