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Bernie Maccing is slang for finishing a cigarette or joint very quickly by smoking the entire content in a single long drag.
One who is trying to finish the smoking content in a single drag is attempting to Bernie Mac the cigarette.
In order for the drag to be classified as a Bernie Mac the individual must attempt to smoke the entire blunt, spliff, joint, cigarette, cigar in a single long and deep drag as made famous by comedic legend Bernie Mac in the movie Bad Santa.
It is common knowledge that Bernie Mac died of pneumonia brought on by smoking a massive twelve inch joint in a single drag while having a massive Chronic session with Snoop Dogg.
Bernie Maccing a joint has been scientifically proven as the best way to by-pass the puff puff pass rule when smoking with mates.
The term Bernie Maccing a cigarette/joint originated in the Balgowlah region of the Northern Beaches, Australia and has become ingrained in Bally Boy Slang and penetrated Bally Boy Culture to a significant degree.
Friend 1 "Yo Dude Bernie Mac the shit out of that blunt so we can get back to the party."
Friend 2 "Oh fo sho my nigga i'mma hit this shit."

Black Guy "Shit nigga its the fuckin one time you better Bernie Mac that joint before they gaff your ass and send you to the pen."

Person 1 "Yo watch me Bernie Mac this cigarette."

*Person 1 takes a ten second drag and starts coughing terribly*
Person 2 "Hey man you best stop Bernie Maccing these cigarette's your lung capacity is good but you aint no Snoop Dogg
by Ninja Mc Stealth Kill November 06, 2009
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