The day the baddest bitch/dude was born. On this day, the stars aligned and God placed multiple seeds in many lucky women around the globe. These women birthed the most legendary people to ever exist. All my august 9th people, rise up! Your time is now. You are superior.
Man, those born on August 9th are LEGENDS.
by cookyyyy October 15, 2019
August 9th is national Orgasm day the day to fuck a female and made them legs shake .
August 9th is fun I get to fuck this girl and make her legs shake .
by August 9th August 9, 2019
Guy 1: bro did you hear it’s august 9th
Guy 2: damn when I get home imma slap tf out my sister
by Ppdestroyer9000 August 8, 2021
August 9th is national Orgasm day. The day to fuck and make the female feel good , shaking during sexual intercourse .
It’s August 9th , my type of days . Can’t wait to fuck this girl and make her legs shake .
by August 9th August 9, 2019
The birthday of this generally nice guy named Darious. On this day it is traditional to shower him with spongebob shirts and chocolate cake.
Rando Girl 1: Yo dude, tomorrow is august 9th

Rando Guy 2: So?

Rando Girl 1: Its Darious' birthday and i gotta get him a spongebob shirt
by llmnhgrews July 20, 2011
August 9th is the day where any couple by the names of James and Hannah, must send nudes to eachother. This day gives them a free pass.
Today is august 9th...James and Hannah’s lucky day!
by Imjustanurbandictionaryhoe August 9, 2020
International day of lucifarian witchcraft. Light a black candle and suck satan's dick!
August 9th a day of hailing our dark lord.
by Urmomsahoe88 October 17, 2019