1. A pokemon

2. An abusive and insulting term. To call someone a pokemon is insulting but its even worse with the word bell in it. Also easier than saying "bellend". The terms "weeping bell" and "victreebell" may also be used depending on the degree of abuse and humiliation that is needed
A: "I can't believe you're not coming tonight - what a bellsprout you are!"
by Rick James 2.0 October 27, 2007
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1. A Pokemon

2. A slang term for someone with an uncircumcised penis. The foreskin of the uncut penis resembles the mouth of Bellsprout and Bellsprout's head resembles the head of a penis.
Girl: I finally had sex with Juan last night for the first time.
Friend: Damn girl! How was it? What was his penis like?
Girl: It was actually kinda weird looking. He had a Bellsprout!!
by The_Goods85 December 28, 2015
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A Bellsprout as said before is a pokemon but can also be used as a way of calling someone a bellend. It is a much more humerous way to call someone a bellend and also if you are in high school it would be better if you called someone a bellsprout rather than a bellend as you wont get in trouble for calling a fellow class mate a pokemon.
Can also be used if you have a bit of a faggot (who will cry) if you call them names example:

Man:yo you're a bellend!
Faggot: *runs off crying*

Man:yo you're a bellsprout!
Faggot:lol why are you calling me a pokemon?
Man:Actually you are a bellend!
Faggot: *runs off crying*
by Robsta27 May 15, 2006
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Another word for fellatio, sucking dick or giving head. Named because the Pokémon, Bellsprout, looks like it’d suck the life out of a Weiner.
For Valentine’s Day, I’m going to make his favorite dinner, go to a movie and then head home and bellsprout him.
by Dftrm08x January 27, 2018
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this word is a pokemon but has been redefined with a better meaning, it means you bell end, but sounds better:)
u f**kin bellsprout!!
by x~abbie~x August 28, 2005
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A small, wimpy Pokemon with vine-like feet and a bell-shaped head.
My Magikarp's Splash attack is better than your Bellsprout's Vine Whip.
by Kateh June 08, 2007
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