1. when a guy is literally is gay for another guy.

2. when a guy claims to be just friends with a girl so he either likes her in that way or he is just friends with her. therefore he is gay or he is genius with the ladies
1. Friend 1: "dude me and john hang out everywhere."

Friend 2: "dude, you're gay for him."

Friend 1: "What? I'm not gay!"

Friend 2: "Well you're being gay for someone right now..."

2. Friend 1: "I swear, me and Nisha are just friends"

Friend 2: "dude you can't just be friends. that's a gay relationship"

Friend 1: "Are you saying I'm gay for her?? I'm not being gay for someone!"

Friend 2: "so then you like her? HIGH FIVE MAN! GENIUS!"

Friend 1: "NO! we're just friends."

Friend 2: "dude that's gay."
by drakeero January 26, 2011
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This is a term used only by people of the LGBTQ+ community, talking to someone who is straight and saying that they are lying.
Melissa:I just lost my v-card to my ex.
Jake:Omg Your Being Gay!
Melissa: why would I lie about that?
by Justin1332 December 12, 2019
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One woman short of being gay is a term that closeted gay male husbands say to their straight wives so they can stay in a marriage of convenience.

Or sometimes the straight wives will tell this to everyone else about their marriage to deny that they are married to a closeted gay man who wants nothing but a marriage of convenience for appearance sake to appear "straight".
Belle is married to Bill and Bill is a closeted gay man, Belle likes to tell everyone that Bill is one woman short of being gay because he's in a marriage of convenience with him.
by Dave21876789123 February 11, 2011
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When people call you gay for slurping on your homies massive, succulent, juicy, delicious nuts once and thats Being gay according to some people
Being gay according to some people
by PushingBEnjoyer March 30, 2022
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a common frase used to describe how the person who your talking to is gay, while saying that u yourself are not
omgoodness imagine being gay coudnt be me pfffffft
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