21 definitions by ur mothers sons daughter grand

leaky(or lick) and ass together
bro you know that one kid that plays valorant? yeah he has a Licas
by ur mothers sons daughter grand September 12, 2023
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a word that is used to describe a plastic shaped dildo that will blow your mind once it enters you
bruh i really want a rosulek in me
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A kid who ryan m likes to grope in the boys changing room
zvan: holy shit what are you doing
ryan: i want ur ass
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a girl who just got her braces off but still looks like an alien. a girl that has the same intellect as a rock. a girl that gets no bitches. a girl that is shit at every game she plays except for valorant(even tho shes still bad at that). a girl who is annoying as shit and literally get no maidens.
bruh stop being a Ava k
by ur mothers sons daughter grand September 15, 2022
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a word to call someone when they're acting blind and deaf
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an exercise that involves bouncing up and down while spreading your legs and arms, this exercise will most likely make you sweat and if done long enough make you spill liquids.
yo look at him/her do the jumping jacks, so hot
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