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a common term to describe a dying animal who has a dread for sucking and licking plastic objects that are shaped like molten hot pashas and nipples
person 1: yo why is that cat on the road
person 2: damn I think that's a minailov, damn id hate to lick a pasha
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an exercise that involves bouncing up and down while spreading your legs and arms, this exercise will most likely make you sweat and if done long enough make you spill liquids.
yo look at him/her do the jumping jacks, so hot
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a common frase used to describe how the person who your talking to is gay, while saying that u yourself are not
omgoodness imagine being gay coudnt be me pfffffft
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A kid who ryan m likes to grope in the boys changing room
zvan: holy shit what are you doing
ryan: i want ur ass
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