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A Behrens is usually a last name that people will have. They are very kind people who work extremely hard for what they have. But they sadly lose people in their lives a lot. Behrens’s are good at making people smile when they need it. And they know when to put someone in place. If you mess with one member of the family you mess with all of them. If you stay on the Behrens’s good side you will forever be in their hearts and when ever you need their help they are willing to do it.
Those Behrens’s are so kind and wouldn’t hurt a soul
by spread the love and November 26, 2018
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Someone who's only purpose is to take advantage of a unsuspecting innocent females. This person is highly skilled in the art of deception and trickery. There should be caution if approached and never stare directly into the eyes of this person. If eyes are locked, a wave of energy emits, plaguing you with any past chimo or perv experiences you've had to endure at a younger age. This makes your entire lower body paralyzed and somehow your pants and pulled down while the person is no where to be found.
"Did you hear on the news, we need to be on the look out for Behrens. They said that all females need to excise extreme caution until police find this predator."
by watsonworld February 18, 2014
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