to have sex with multiple people at once
Yo, me and my bros wanna ride the train with u and ur friends tonight, u down?
by clueless human January 29, 2009
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When guys are having sex with girls on bunk beds, when one guy gets tired of humping, the other takes over and his humping motion rocks the bunk beds so the other guy can keep it going with his girl while regaining his stamina.
guy 1: "Yo bro bunk bed sex is the best cuz when i get tired, you can fuck your girl and rock the beds for me so i can take a break while still getting off."
guy 2: "What!?!?"
guy 3: "Yea man you gotta ride the train at least once in your life"
guy 1: "thank you!!! thats what im talking about!!"
by Senior Suave September 27, 2009
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Two men, One woman, Woman in the middle of the two men interconnected by penile insertion, one male into the vagina or rectal cavity, one male in the mouth of the woman. Likeness the links of a train.
"She was riding the train last night."

"We pulled a train last night"
by megapurt March 16, 2007
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two guys (usually two friends) having sex with one girl at the same time
by suqnfuq December 15, 2007
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To be "riding the train" means to be single and in pursuit of someone to spend the day and/or night, without the intent of perusing a relationship with that person.

On Valentine's Day the only way to "get off the train" would be to find a date, to give up in the pursuit of finding a date or when the clock strikes midnight and you're all alone.

Related: To be on the train / To be on the desperation train / To be on the train of despair.
- What are your plans for V-day?
- I'm riding the train this year.
- No worries dude, you'll be off the train way before V-day.
by a66spam February 2, 2014
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when your dog or cat, after a particularly difficult bowel movement, decides to sit on the floor, and pull it self forward using its front feet only, dragging it's asshole on the (usually) carpet to scratch the ham hocks (hemmies) off, then gets up, turns around, and sniffs the skid mark
"OMG, look, Coby's had the hershey squirts, came right inside and started riding the train."
by Steve Hagar March 14, 2007
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when you hop on a train and sit down while the train does numerous amount of routes. nothing to do.
the other day i asked a man where he was going and he said "nowhere ima just joy ride the train"
by Mario R. February 16, 2009
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