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1. Commonly used in military HQ's, charachterized by extreme confusion, and genuine, profound disorientation. Often the result of being given different and usually conflicting orders.
2. As above but brought about by a lack of skill or knowledge.
1. Wow that change to the briefing is going to have the staff completely Befuckled.

2. That LT has no clue about that; He's pretty much befuckled.
by tankboy2k April 04, 2006
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So intensely shocked at someone's actions that you just think "What the fuck?"
I am befuckled that he actually thought she wouldn't find out
by Shawty August 16, 2004
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being fucked to the point of buckling

(this was a word made by my sister who's birthday is today)
Pa discovered someone had eaten his favorite cereal, he was befuckled.
by OtakuCherri December 16, 2016
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Absolutely out your tree, so far gone on coke that you can't remember your own mothers name.
by Provokedtoe September 20, 2017
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