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Drinking a beer while taking a shower. Not to be confused with the other form of a beer shower: someone dumping a beer on someone's head.. which is alcohol abuse.
"I'm going to hop into the shower and pound a Heineken."
- "Ah Beer Shower! Good Call bro!"
by Matt1184 January 31, 2008
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Noun: the activity of showering while drinking beer(s)
Verb: to drink beer(s) during the process of showering
On Fridays, Josh always spends the last hour in his cubicle preparing a playlist to accompany his weekly beershower.
by JesusCL January 26, 2011
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when alcoholic beverages rain down on your head at a party.
There was a beer shower on Karlie and Allison when Wendell held up his cup to cheer and accidentally poured it out over everyone.
by Karlie and Allison September 01, 2007
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