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The beer you take into the shower when you're in a hurry to go out and still need to get cleaned up, or want to relax from a long day.
Guy 1: Hey man, get going! We've got to leave in 20 minutes and you haven't even hit the shower yet!
Guy 2: I'm going, I'm going.. I haven't even started pre-gaming yet, what am I going to do?
Guy 1: No worries, I've got your solution. Take a shower beer.

Awesome Girlfriend: Hi honey, how was work?
Tired Boyfriend: It was stressful, my boss yelled at me and he wants me back in the office this weekend.
Awesome Girlfriend: Wow, what a day. Well don't worry, I'll start the shower and grab you a shower beer.
by Dustwel October 09, 2009
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The most delightful beer in the world. Can be anything from Pabst to Guiness, but must be consumed within the shower and while the shower is on.
I woke up with a mad hangover this morning, but after that shower beer I have a nice buzz on.
by hauckanizer March 14, 2008
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An alcoholic beverage one consumes while cleansing himself/herself.
Before getting dressed, while pregaming, Wally economically uses his time to shower and booze at the same time consuming his "shower beer".
by Mel March 12, 2004
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A beer drink whilst having a shower. Useful for pre-loading, but also great for sexy time; combining the awesomeness of shower sex with the delicious taste of beer.
Girl: come join me for a shower beer?
Guy: I am there, with my beer.
by Katie P's Marky Mark May 04, 2019
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Noun. Beer you drink when in the shower for pre-gaming purposes.

Students who attended that shitty college in Chicago, NorthWorstern, define a shower beer as a beer that is rinsed with water.
Normal person: Hey Brah, I just woke up. I think I'm gonna get my shower beer on and I'll meet you at the bar afterwards.

NorthWorstern student: What, I don't get it..

Normal person: sigh, why are we still friends...
by Punnnn April 14, 2015
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