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When a clumsy girl tries to drink a beer way too fast and spills it all over her breasts.
She then has Beer Tits.
Yo man, Athena tried to chug this beer yesterday and went full beer tits. She almost spilled half of it...
by Occvltist December 30, 2016
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1. Large, fleshy appendages on men who are passing towards or who have entered into middleage, where fat from the consumption of beer has accumulated on what was once pectoral muscle.

2. Calcified pectoral muscles gone to flab; closely related to "'That Old Man Needs a Bra' Syndrome".
The blind date fizzled when Sally got a gander at Chuck's beer tits.

Frank Costanza's sagging beer tits were the inspiration for the "Bro" (also known as the "mansiere") which he developed with Cosmo Kramer.
by Tummy AuGratin February 28, 2006
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beer tits Those big bodacious knockers that are only completely visible after she has consumed mass quantities of malt beverages and has been coaxed into entering the Tuesday night wet t-shirt contest at the local bar.
OMG, would you look at the beer tits on contestant number three!
You have to vote for those Peter!
by monk-daddy January 13, 2006
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An extremely large pair of breasts, usually mounted on a petit blond who can drink twice her own body weight in lager nightly, alcoholic amnaesia is a side effect, rendering any fondling of the 'Beer Tits' useless to the owner.
I was driving home last night at 7.30 pm and these 'Beer Tits' just popped out of the pub into the road and wrote off my new Ford Mondeo.
by Sugarshaker February 10, 2004
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