The act of adding bling ( glitter, jewels ) to a clothing item. Often popular among latino men. A animalistic form of attracting a mate ( much like the peacock ) most commonly worn in da club !
by sherman dash June 2, 2010
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Something really sparkly and shiny. People usually use the word bedazzled when they describe a sparkly jacket.
Your jacked is so bedazzled or your purse is so bedazzled.
by The definition of Emma September 22, 2018
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Someone with a minimum of 7 body piercings, not including their ears.
Alice hasn't been able to go near magnets since she was bedazzled.
by Dr. Skinner April 18, 2010
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When you're doing your girl doggy style and you pull out and cum on her ass cheeks and it looks like rinestones on bedazzled pants.
Dude I was about to bust inside her but I pulled out and bedazzled her.
by Hispanicpancake April 24, 2011
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To ejaculate on a female's back before sprinkling glitter on it.
I just bedazzled my girl and it was fabulous!
by Mtregi May 20, 2015
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(v)The art of taking ordinary things and making them EXTRAORDINARY by adding sparkles, rhinestones, glitter, stars, beads, etc. For some it is a way of life.
He is the knight in bedazzled armor, he leaves sparkles wherever he goes.
by NatalieCatalie April 17, 2009
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