(v)The art of taking ordinary things and making them EXTRAORDINARY by adding sparkles, rhinestones, glitter, stars, beads, etc. For some it is a way of life.
He is the knight in bedazzled armor, he leaves sparkles wherever he goes.
by NatalieCatalie April 17, 2009
To glamorize a person, place, or object.
Gigi received a black phone case from her friend for Christmas; however, she thought it was rather plain, and decided to bedazzle the case with glitter.
by ifoundthechocolatepudding December 22, 2016
When you make anything a lot better by adding sparkely things
Wow you bedazzled your outfit perfectly.
by Dance_talya December 11, 2016
The act of adding bling ( glitter, jewels ) to a clothing item. Often popular among latino men. A animalistic form of attracting a mate ( much like the peacock ) most commonly worn in da club !
by sherman dash June 2, 2010
Also called rhinestones, or sequins to make them sound more classy. They are attached to ridiculous clothing, which makes the person wearing the clothing look like they received a bedazzler for their birthday.
Bro1: "Yo bro check out my new ed hardy shirt"
Bro2: "Sick bedazzles dude"
Bro1: "Thanks deet"
by youngyalch January 2, 2012
"Wow! That palace is so bedazzling!"

"That dress is bedazzling!"
by Mudsaur June 21, 2015