To entice or lure one's attention; or a summoning gesture.
(SITUATION: Friends playing a game of FIFA)
Mervin (screaming): The through-ball is beckoning!

Walter: Don't be silly...your Rangers!
by anon9224 June 19, 2013
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appear inviting
The night beckons!
by nevervoid August 22, 2008
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v. calculate without using actual statistics, facts, or reasoning; act in a Glen Beck-esque manner.
Check out the way Sarah Palin is beckoning in her speeches. I beckon she'll be president soon!

I beckon most NFL fans are overweight cheese doodlers.
by gnostic1 April 20, 2011
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A misinterpretation of the phrase "beck and call" such as "at ones beck and call" meaning to be at willful readiness to fulfill another's orders or commands. It is usually used by people who are attempting to sound more well read than are are in actuality.
"Professor Stackhouse has us at his beckon call."
"No he doesn't you jackass, he has you at his beck and call. Stop pretending to be smart"
by Oni Ookami Alfador January 24, 2007
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The definition of beckoned call,is to be instantly at someone's bidding.Through the years beckon call and beck and call have been become acceptable facsimiles, though not the original phrase
I am too busy to be at your beckoned call
by Actually correct March 18, 2020
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a game much like tag and hide and seek. There is one seeker and many hiders/runners who try not to be found. When they are found they must return to the beckon bench and wait for someone to beckon them (usually flipping the bird), and then they can leave. The game ends when all players are on the beckon bench.
kid1: stop beating your meat to homosexual porn, were playing beckon
kid 2: whoops
by jackoncrack13 October 27, 2021
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How to beckon a hoe by her native language
" Stacy refused to listen to my finger beckon so i used fist beckoning and that wide set hoe hurried up.
by December 2, 2020
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