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A person who bides their time to take revenge at the most opportune moment.

An unforgiving grudge bearer who may wait as long as several years before deciding the time is right to return given suffering.
Bebbs are usually strong believers in the old "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" way. But some go further and pay back with interest.
"Cody you know that nerd we beat up real bad like 4 years ago? I just saw him fill up 5 cans of gas over on 87th street. 5 cans dude. What if he's a Bebb?"
"No way, that can't be for us man"
"Dude when he saw me he grinned and started whistling it's gotta be"
by Ol Killa 85 August 23, 2018
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A sexual predator who is addicted and sexually aroused by fecal matter.

Has to be seen to be believed as they are rare creatures, also known as a 'Bezul bear'
by Thadious Longtip October 02, 2016
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