Fucking hell its beady in here!!
I'm so beady
It's so beady today
by doudsie February 1, 2017
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To be very sweaty/clammy or to describe a hot day
Christian: my balls are stuck to my legs
Janine: yes it is quite beady today
by Labeeff May 1, 2019
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Adj. Describes someone who is easily startled, twitchy, and skittish.
Ariane was acting so beady at the library today.
by dairyanne April 24, 2022
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A type of person that watches and interferes with the business of others (but only selectively picking on a few individuals). A common way of doing this is through jabbing; a beady spreads negativity and feelings of worthlessness through these jabs.
A beady thinks he knows it all (he especially thinks he has a special insight into the workings of those individuals he picks on), and his opinions are fixed on everything (however wrong).
"Beady said I should have snogged her, although he said I wouldn't have got anywhere anyway"
by George&Tony October 16, 2006
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herbal-type cigarettes that have no filkter or papers and are rolled in leaves and tied with a string. come in different flavors, are bought at Hemptations etc.
"dude, no weed? oh well, i brought some beadies"
by lauren August 31, 2003
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A cone shaped, small, herbal cigarette rolled in a special leaf. Sold in odd bundles throughout Okinawa.
"What the hell is that you're smokin' on? Don't be surprised if you faill a piss test smokin' that shit." "Nah man, its a beadie, I got a pack of these on gate 2 street."
by The Worldly Dude February 8, 2010
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