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A typical class A snitch who wears a wire and grasses more than Randall from Recess.
Ahh lad benno went and informed the bizzies on us.
by The night firm July 28, 2016
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a god with super-human appearances, damn sexy and amazing at like, everythin, kicks muchos ass, true.
i wish i was a BeNnO
by er August 26, 2003
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a weird smart mean guy who triggers people and is the teachers favorite student.(especially in math)
Math teacher: I'll give you extra credit if we do you know what
Benno: Of course I will! I look forward to it.
by peppapigismyfavoriteanime June 02, 2017
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Shemale whose nads stink of smeg.
A sick person who buggers all kinds of furry animals.
EEeeeeeeeeeew smells like a Benn0 tbh =(
OMG don't you go all Benn0 on me
by Eric August 27, 2003
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gingerman, owner of

see heatholder
benno is ginger, he leaves red hairs in the shower.
by kyle October 05, 2004
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A Berlin Guy you won't be able to put in a box and forget about! His subtle way of persisting even when all odds are against, is totally HOT! He will charm you mostly by his ability to listen and observe and always have a witty and smart joke on the side. A guy who constantly surprises with his many unexpected talents and know how to charm you just the right way.

WARNING: high addiction risk!
Friend: I saw Benno

Girl: Oh?

Friend: he's really funny and sweet

Girl: Dammit your not helping!πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ’•
Friend: ha-ha I just mean he's a cool person and not a waste of time like most.
Girl: I know
by M<3W December 22, 2017
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