Ironically polite term for a woman who does not want her actual age known, e.g. one who is close to or just over the menopause.

Things which define women of a certain age are: exceptionally gaudy clothing, homeopathy and aromatherapy, sensible haircuts, books on feminism, affairs with paper boys, and coffee mornings.
Your mum is a woman of a certain age. Yes she is.
by Coming Second April 28, 2009
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Yeah, no she came out and said it, didn't she? You want me to fucking have a fucking "relationship" with the ran-through single mom with kids I could literally go to the bar with. But I'm "discriminating based on age." Get the fuck out of here with that. And don't try to spin it on me you know a bitch will fuck a fat old dude (I'm not old and am less fat that some of the fat fuck you be fucking) for a purse sometimes you know this bitch not about to by me anything.
Hym " 'Nice guys at a certain age' she says! We're getting closer and closer to the truth! 'Nice guys are great for after I run out of fat-cock options! They have no choice but to have a relationship with me and raise this fucking guys kid. But not yet. I still might be able to get a fat-cock. If I can't get a fat-cock then I'll settle for someone who is nice to me.' Is what THAT means. That's the settling to them. There's the juxtaposition for you Dave. What they're aiming for vs. What they're settling for. Wow! Just wow! It actually amazes me that she actually said it like that. I'm almost proud of her! Crazy."
by Hym Iam October 4, 2023
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