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A simply magical coastal town in Cumbria, England. A place of outstanding natural beauty and lively cultural activity. The incredibly wide-ranging entertainment opportunities include: knife-fighting, shagging 15 year-old mothers, having your shoes nicked, skag, and much, much more.
General #1: There's only one nuclear warhead left in the world. Where should we use it?

General #2: Barrow in Furness, obviously.
by Dave November 18, 2003
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The absolute shittiest place in the whole of the north west of england. Rife with unemployment, chavs and knife crime. Typical barrow lad wears a tracksuit, a shit pair of nike trainers that most likely came from a dumpster and a hoodie that has holes and cigarette burns. Nearly everyone smokes and drinks cheap carbon shite cider. It rains nearly everyday even in summer, and when they do get sun and warm weather, usually in march for a week, everyone strips off and sunbathes even though it's only 16 degrees. Famous residents include mad russ the dog walker, jamie mary and april flowers both of whom are barrow's resident trannys. Entertainment includes shagging, drinking, smoking, doing heroin, hurling abuse at police officers, revving the fuck out of cars on hollywood park or going into kavannas and skint to get trashed and walk around in other peoples' piss. If you have any sense do not go there.
Person1-lets go to barrow in furness i heard its a right laugh
person2-nah mate i got arrested there once for calling a copper a wanker and its a total shithole.
by The_Purple_Unicorn October 24, 2012
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Ideally situated between Heysham Nuclear power station to the south, the faltering Sellafield Nuclear reprocessing plant to the north and The Nuclear Submarine Facility in the town centre. The background radiation gives Barrow a Mediterranean climate.
Residents of Barrow also enjoy 20% unemployment, chronic heroin addiction (dubbed Heroin Capital of the North), extreme violence and the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in Europe. Barrow can also proudly claim to have 3 of the its shore lines in Britains top 10 polluted beaches.

So why not try a place with a difference and try Barrow!
"The Seaside town, that they forgot to close down"
by max January 14, 2004
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Shithole in Northwest England. A place where you can walk 100yards and find a chav, every street has dog shit on it, where it rains practically everyday and has a bad reputation for knife and drug crime. I'm UNFORTUANATE enough to live here. it's cold. I need to move to a warmer climate
for information on Barrow in furness,see definition.
by GetMeOuttaHere91 December 19, 2008
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Barrow in Furness was probably a nice place alot of years ago.Unfortunately though,in recent years it has gradually fallen victim to inter-breeding.
Evidence of this can be seen in 80% of faces which look very similar and have the same miserable expression.Also, the typical Barrovian fuck wit tends to walk in the same manner, making himself look as big and hard as possible and grunting while making eye contact with any rival male who looks better off than he is.This rival male is most probably from out of town of course.yep, im glad i dont live there, although i did work there for a long while, God it was crap in Barrow in Furness.
by Lydon1970 March 10, 2009
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A place to when you want to get rained on, get your bike nicked by a load of chavs, walk in or around a load of dog shite on practically every street, go to school with teachers that have the collective IQ of a teabag and spend all summer being bored/being rained on. If you REALLY want to be beaten to death by some idiotic youths in tracksuits, COME TO THE ORMSGILL ESTATE/PART OF BARROW. Oh, and bring a skateboard. They dont like that.

today i went to Barrow In Furness, and quite frankly, i wish i never.

I am unfortunate enough to live in barrow.
by rofl lol im in AuC September 14, 2008
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