While wearing a Condom for your safety, you dip your cock in Tabasco sauce then jam it in a woman’s ass. The burning sensation that was caused by your submarine would be as if a nuclear bomb went off in her ass!!!
She screamed in pain when I gave her the Nuclear Submarine!
by Krazy G Donkey June 25, 2009
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When defecating, the biggest, most awesomely large dump that you haven't had in a good long time. Usually arises from not crapping for more than 48 hours or when coming off of constipation. Called so because the waste is so big, it's like a nuclear submarine trying to leave the bowels, which is a very large submarine. An atomic dump.
Today I went over Memere's house and launched a nuclear submarine.

Try as he might, the nuclear submarine deep in Gorby's colon wouldn't come free, until he had some Taco Bell and it was launched in the public restroom.
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