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An extended and more emphatic use of the expression "don't go there". An urgent appeal to not follow a line of reasoning to its ultimate conclusion for fear that the conclusion will be offensive, unpleasant, or generally objectionable. The ultimate emphatic use would be "Do. Not. Go. There." with breathless pauses between each word. In general, a dire warning that grave consequences will follow from "going there".
A: "So, the two of them had a one-night stand and she forgot to take her birth control pill..."
B: <interjecting> Don't go there.
A: "...and, wouldn't you know it, nine months later..."
B: <more urgently> Do not go there!
A: "...yup, that's right...presto, instant teenage mother."
B: Damn. You went there.
by The Mensa Man December 08, 2011
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